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With Rachel Miranda as your photographer, the unforgettable, spontaneous moments will forever be captured. Rachel is not only a sharp-eyed observer, but the quintessential storyteller. Her remarkable attention to detail ensures that nothing escapes her notice. She will expertly chronicle your event - a wedding, anniversary, bar mitzvah, first communion or any other special family occasion - with her easy, professional charm.

Unobtrusive and unflappable, her personality is warm and understanding. Rachel gracefully accepts the honor and trust placed in her by her clients. She is never daunted by the task. She is also a committed listener - always open to fresh suggestions and ideas - and delighted to discuss your hopes and dreams and how they will be recorded. She is primarily a photo-journalist specializing in stylish, candid images but her beautiful formal portraits are equally arresting.

One of the highlights for Rachel is watching people's reactions when they view the painstaking work she has done for them. Tears will flow as the precious moments contained in her pictures are unlocked and instantly brought back to life. It is then that she knows her job is done. That she has repaid your trust with treasured memories that will never fade.

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Pittstown, NJ 08867

Tel: 908-500-2095

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